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If you ever dreamed of writing commercials (or if you’re willing to try), Write Label might be perfect for you.

Write Label is a website that connects people that need to run advertisements to people that love to write them. It’s a sort of platform for contests (in a way) where you and a few others write your version of the advertisement (radio, tv, web, billboard, etc.), and one or more of them are chosen and the budget for it is split between the winners.

What is nice is that each project gives somewhere between $1 and $7 just for participation. So either way, you get something.

There are split opinions regarding this approach, many saying that they pay too little for this type of writing. Projects’ budgets vary, from what I saw, between $27 and $70. For me, it is fine, it’s easy money, doing something fun. But it depends on what you are searching for.

I wrote for 46 projects so far and earned $355. It takes around ten minutes to write one if you’re in the mood. Some I won, some not, but I only wrote for those that sparked an interest. If you are willing to invest more time and write one or more submissions for all the projects available, you will gain some nice extra money.

What is interesting is that I saw people online that were approached by the team of Write Label and offered permanent positions.

Their team always reviews all submissions, and they offer feedback to help you grow and write better advertisements. There is also a large amount of information and tutorials that they offer. It makes things easier and you can quickly learn to be great at it.

In order to join, you need to pass a test. It’s just what you would write normally for any project, so it’s not a big deal.

If you wanna join, you can use my referral link. When your first project pays out, we both receive $10.

Good luck!

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