Taste Of Cinema

taste of cinema

When I was younger and I first heard of game testing as a job, it seemed so unreal. Getting paid to have fun. What a life! Guess something about that remained as a core memory or something because that is what I dream of: to earn money by having fun. And writing is fun. Having this in mind, Taste of Cinema is a great option for writing enthusiasts that want to earn something in the process.

Taste of cinema

Now, I enjoy movies, but it’s not a passion. For others, it’s natural to collect all sorts of details about the plot, the actors, the backstories, enough so that they can create wonderful lists for entertaining other movie fans. If you’re among those, continue reading, it gets better.

Similar to Psychology Junkie, when you write for them, you can choose between being paid and being promoted. Either through links to your social media, websites, books, or whatever you need. What is interesting is that they mention the pay is related to the success of your article, so make sure to ask them about it when you apply.

Since there is no limit in how often you can submit articles, it might be a perfect fit for your portfolio growth.

Obviously, they are now looking for contributors. Just follow the instructions from the link above and send the email with the required information.

Good luck!