Sell With Etsy


Whatever you have to sell, you can sell with Etsy. Really. Everything you can think of.

Either physical or digital products, handmade or vintage, you can use Etsy to sell them. There are advantages and disadvantages in using this type of platform, since it does cost you to post the products, but it also provides you with traffic if you choose the correct tags. So, as I said, advantages and disadvantages.

Basically, with Etsy, you create a shop, and list your products. You can integrate it with numerous other platforms, like eRank, Printful, Printify, Pinterest, Outfy, Socioh, Crowdfire, Marmelead, Vela, Corjl, Taxjar, Square, Putler, etc.

Let’s go a bit over the advantages and disadvantages, so that you’ll decide if it’s worth your time:


  • Easy to set up
  • You don’t need your own domain and hosting
  • The traffic is already there
  • Any question you have, the internet has the answer, since there are so many users and people that share their experiences
  • There is a phone app available, really easy to use
  • Easy to connect with social media


  • Not free 🙂
    • there are fees to list products
    • there are fees for selling them
    • the fees are paid for each item
  • Mainly for handcrafted items
  • There is a lot of competition
  • Your store is Etsy’s in the end, so if something goes against their policy, they will close it

Overall, it’s the perfect platform for a lot of people. You just have to decide if it’s the perfect one for you.

In my experience, it’s pretty nice. I did not make a lot of sales, but that is partly because I didn’t bring any visitors to the shop. All the sales were obtained just because people saught something and found mine. So for zero involvement, I can’t say that I’m disappointed.

There are some that sell (daily) products that sum up to $2K. The potential is there, you just have to work a bit for it.

Good luck!