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Passive Income

What is this magical type of income? Although a lot of people use this term to make their business ideas sound better, most of what you see online is not that. Passive should really be passive. You should only invest your time and effort once and then enjoy the ride (and money).

  • digital products

    Digital Products

    Creating digital products is one of the best ways to start creating a passive income. It’s something you can make once and then sell indefinitely. It’s a pretty simple process, usually helped by tools like Canva, which I absolutely adore. Depending on the product/s you choose, you’ll have different options of selling. Different platforms like …

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  • money tree


    Just laying back and making money. Dividends, in short, represent money that is given to you by companies when you own some of their stocks. These will not make you rich fast unless you already are rich, in which case, you’re probably not here reading about them. They are a form of investment that will …

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