Paid To Write

It is a lot of people’s dream to earn from writing. It’s easy (kinda), it can be done from anywhere, and if you like it, you’ll truly not work for another second in your life. Although it sounds a bit too dreamy, it is achievable. There are lots of sites that pay you to write, so you just have to search for them (or read the articles below and keep checking them out).

  • psychology

    Psychology Junkie

    Regardless of why you need to earn the extra cash, one thing is certain: it’s better to enjoy what you do for it. It might sound a bit dirty, but that is not what I had in mind. Writing for money, that is. And Psychology Junkie is one of the means. The idea is that if …

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  • taste of cinema

    Taste Of Cinema

    When I was younger and I first heard of game testing as a job, it seemed so unreal. Getting paid to have fun. What a life! Guess something about that remained as a core memory or something because that is what I dream of: to earn money by having fun. And writing is fun. Having …

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  • Transitions Abroad

    For travelers and more, Transitions Abroad is a great place to write about your experiences and gain something in the process. Since it’s writing for money the thing you seek, it’s exactly what you have found. Travel blogs are a big thing. They have been for quite some time, and it seems that they keep …

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