Handmade Jewelry


Jewelry will always be there. And the opportunity to earn from this will always be limitless. The market might be (it actually is) a bit oversaturated, but once you have an original idea, you have the potential to do great. Handmade jewelry is especially appreciated these days, but a good marketing strategy would not hurt.

I always say that there are buyers out there for anything. And this is because we all have different tastes in everything. And jewelry is not an exception. I’ve seen stuff that I’d never wear in a million years, and yet they had enormous sales.

What I’m trying to say is that you never know until you try it. If this is your thing, go for it.

You can use a range of materials, from copper to gold, from epoxy resin to leather. I suspect that the more unique is your idea, the better it will perform. People are always looking for the next thing that nobody has yet.

From bracelets to necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants, you name it. You have a lot to choose from, and there are a ton of techniques out there that you can learn and apply and maybe even improve upon.

Once you chose your niche and are ready to sell, you have quite some options:

  • Etsy: great for selling handmade items, but you do have to pay 20 cents for posting one – and you renew it after four months
  • Instagram: for a more direct approach, people have been using it for posting their creations and items for sale. You can have a shop there, for free.
  • Facebook: same as Instagram (since they are anyway the same company), you can create a page for your business and create your own shop. They also have the marketplace where you can add directly what you want, but I personally prefer the idea of having your own section and taking advantage of a healthy online presence.
  • TikTok: this has been for a lot of small businesses a game changer. If you’re willing to do some videos, with or without showing your face (although those that do have a closer connection to the customers), this might be the best way to go. Chances are you’ll get lots of views from people interested in what you’re selling, and with those, some actual sales.
  • Your own website: This requires the most investment (hosting, domain, or shopify account and setup), both money and time. These days, making a website is something anyone can do if they have a bit of patience. Having your own site also means that you need to get people there. So a social media presence is also needed no matter what. I’d suggest starting with the free options first and go from there (maybe just buy your domain so nobody has the idea of buying it before you and asking for an absurd amount of money later, when you do want a website).
  • Pinterest: Use this in combination with one of the above options, to drive traffic to where people can buy your product.

Is creating handmade jewelry for you?

Good luck!