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For the creatives and for those that have yet to discover their artistic side, a great and easy business to start is to design and sell fabrics. It’s extremely simple and it usually costs you nothing to begin. All you need is some time and inspiration. The rest is the easy part. You can even make it into a passive income if you do it right.

One design can get bring you a lot. And you can start now. Like really, now. Just open your favorite app, and go for it, design anything you want. It is really that simple. I for one adore Paint.NET and MediBang Paint Pro. They are both free, and depending on what you need and how complex your work will be, you can use one or another.

Have you ever seen a pillow in a store and thought, wow, that looks so good, but it also looks like a 5-year-old made it? See, that is what I’m saying. It can be THAT simple! Obviously, you can grow and learn and get to design intricate patterns that will wow everybody that lay their eyes on it. But you can start simple.

You can start with shapes that overlap, you can start with black and white hearts, you can just scribble something. I feel compelled to drop my favorite saying again: there is a buyer out there for every shit. And this does not mean that we should sell said shit (although some made tens of thousands selling farts…). I’m just saying that you should never think that what you do is not enough, even at the beginning. Learn, grow, but share it, because there are so many tastes out there. You might just make someone happy.

So, what do you need to design and sell fabrics? It’s simple:

These apps and platforms have tons of resources that will teach you how to create patterns, how to submit your work. Take a look, and start creating. Play around and start with the products, because uploading them is the easy part.

And whatever road/roads you take, remember to make yourself known. It’s not impossible that people stumble upon your work. But unlikely. Help them discover you. Regardless of what you choose to do, establish an online presence. Create your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter accounts. Post there, link to your products. Make them known.

Good luck!

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