Affiliate Marketing

give me the money

Let the cash flow with affiliate marketing.

Since I’m not one for complicating things, we’ll quickly go through what affiliate marketing is. It’s basically you selling other people’s products and getting a percentage or a determined amount for each sale.

There are two main ways that people do this: through their own website or through social media. Becoming an affiliate is rather easy, but some research is recommended, especially around the products that you’ll be selling.

Bear with me, because this is not an article meant to teach you how to do it specifically. This is more of a glossary of what is out there. For specifics, there will be separate articles for each of the affiliate programs that I research. And yes, I will keep this one updated with links to those, as they are published, for easy access.

The ideal situation varies from person to person. For me, it would be to find a set of products that is related to something I’m interested in. Products that I would buy and that would allow me to genuinely encourage people to purchase them. It might be a small definition of an influencer that gets paid to promote. But it’s one of the options out there. Affiliate marketing can be done (easily) by an influencer. However, that is not a requirement.

So, here is the forever growing list of programs: