This site is for you. Yup, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t in the same search for money as we all are. So yes, it is for you, it is for me, it is for everyone who is tired of looking for information and for help in becoming more independent – financially speaking – because this is the objective of this site.

In my search, I’ve stumbled upon a lot of information. But since I prefer writing to other types of effort, here I am.

However, there is this ton of research that I’m doing until I decide that something does not suit my style, desires, dreams, and fantasies, so I’ve decided not to waste it and to turn it into something profitable. Yeah, it’s not profitable now, today, as I am writing this, hours after purchasing this domain, but that is how all blogs start.

You’ll probably see some affiliate links sometimes, but you know how these work – it won’t cost you a thing to go there and buy something, but it will help me also buy something nice for myself or my kid.

So, in case I forget to update this, there you have it, this is how it started, this is what it is. Thanks for stopping by, and in hopes I’ve added some value to your life, here’s to seeing you again soon!