• Canva

    Canva has so many uses that it’s a must-have for everyone. I’m not even sure how to start to explain how many benefits this has. With tons of templates, even more possibilities for customizing everything you do, the sky is the limit. I’ll just list some of what Canva offers below: videos facebook posts instagram …

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  • Write Label

    If you ever dreamed of writing commercials (or if you’re willing to try), Write Label might be perfect for you. Write Label is a website that connects people that need to run advertisements to people that love to write them. It’s a sort of platform for contests (in a way) where you and a few …

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  • give me the money

    Affiliate Marketing

    Let the cash flow with affiliate marketing. Since I’m not one for complicating things, we’ll quickly go through what affiliate marketing is. It’s basically you selling other people’s products and getting a percentage or a determined amount for each sale. There are two main ways that people do this: through their own website or through …

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