• taste of cinema

    Taste Of Cinema

    When I was younger and I first heard of game testing as a job, it seemed so unreal. Getting paid to have fun. What a life! Guess something about that remained as a core memory or something because that is what I dream of: to earn money by having fun. And writing is fun. Having …

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  • Transitions Abroad

    For travelers and more, Transitions Abroad is a great place to write about your experiences and gain something in the process. Since it’s writing for money the thing you seek, it’s exactly what you have found. Travel blogs are a big thing. They have been for quite some time, and it seems that they keep …

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  • jewelry

    Handmade Jewelry

    Jewelry will always be there. And the opportunity to earn from this will always be limitless. The market might be (it actually is) a bit oversaturated, but once you have an original idea, you have the potential to do great. Handmade jewelry is especially appreciated these days, but a good marketing strategy would not hurt. …

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